44 Turnham Green Terrace
Chiswick W4 1QP

T: 020 8994 2646


All our beef is purebred Aberdeen Angus from the Scottish Highlands. The reason for this being the rich pastures are ideally suited to the production of premium quality beef. We buy beef with good definition of fat to ensure excellent natural marbling, essential for succulent and tasty meat.

Our beef is hung for a minimum of 14 days extending up to 40 days to provide beautiful meat, which is tender, rich and full of flavor.

We sell only the best Aberdeen Angus cattle that can be traced back to the farm it was reared. This ensures that the breeds we use are fed with a natural diet free from growth hormones and additives. It is then aged and butchered on our premises in Chiswick.

Rodney's Recommendation

Our books are now open taking orders for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Orders can be placed by telephone, email and in person with the last day being Wednesday 18th December. We still offer our FREE local delivery service for orders over £30.

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