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At Mackens we deal only with farms that share our ethos of providing the best quality chickens through proper husbandry. We offer a variety of slow growing traditional chickens from free-range to corn fed which include Banham free-range, a breed of white rock and Cornish red fed on a diet of corn, Freemans of Newent and Cotswold white breed plus Poulet de Bresse and Poulet Noir which are special breeds from France.

We have Available:

Whole Birds

  • Large Free Range Chicken
  • French Corn Fed Chicken
  • Poulet Noir Free Range Chicken
  • Poulet De Bresse (available to order)
  • Banham Barn Reared Chicken
  • Poussin – tender and delicate baby chicken
  • Corn Fed Poussin – a perfect serving for one with great flavour
  • Guinea Fowl – a flavoursome bird, great alternative to chicken, worth a try.
  • Aylesbury Free Range Duck – an excellent product makes a great change.
  • Gressingham English Duck – full of flavour and succulent.
  • Free Range Geese from Judy Goodman – I think the best you can buy, a great product.
  • Free Range Bronze Turkey – reared by Bramble Farm and Kellys, the best turkeys full of flavour and succulent for the most important meal.

Poultry Cuts

  • Breast Fillet
  • Supreme – breast with skin and wing bone
  • Leg – thigh and drumstick
  • Thigh
  • Drumstick
  • Wing
  • Other
  • Liver
  • Hearts
  • Diced Chicken – Leg or breast
  • Chicken Strips
  • Chicken Kebabs (see marinades)
  • Mince
  • Chicken Carcass – to make great stock

Game and More

  • Quails – with or without the bone, need more than one to fill you up.

Game Calendar

  • Pheasant 1st October - 1st February
  • Grouse 12th August - 10th December
  • Partridge 1st September - 1st February
  • Wood Pigeon Available all year round
  • Mallard 1st September - 31st January
  • Quail Available all year round
  • Woodcock 1st October - 31st January
  • Snipe 12th August - 31st January
  • Rabbit Available all year round
  • Hare Available all year round


  • Pheasant – most popular game bird
  • Partridge – ideal for one, worth a try
  • Grouse – strong in flavour for the game bird lover
  • Wood Pigeon – great value
  • Squab Pigeon – a wonderful bird, great taste and flavour
  • Mallard – ideal for two
  • Woodcock – single serving, a rare bird
  • Quail – need more than one if your’e hungry


  • Wild Rabbit – great flavour, ideal for stews and casseroles
  • Farmed Rabbit – wonderful product, very versatile and a great change
  • Hare – very rich and strong flavour for a real game lover


  • Our Venison comes from the Scottish Highlands and is carefully managed to create a special product full of flavour and is low in cholesterol.
  • Loin – this is cut from the saddle and it is the most tender with excellent flavour
  • Fillet – this is the loin without the bone
  • Haunch – great joint for roasting with or without the bone, can also be cut into steaks. Great joint for winter meals
  • Shoulder – this is probably bet for tasty casseroles and great stews