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At Mackens we deal only with farms that share our ethos of providing the best quality chickens through proper husbandry. We offer a variety of slow growing traditional chickens from free-range to corn fed which include Banham free-range, a breed of white rock and Cornish red fed on a diet of corn, Freemans of Newent and Cotswold white breed plus Poulet de Bresse and Poulet Noir which are special breeds from France.

We have Available:

Whole Birds

  • Large Free Range Chicken
  • French Corn Fed Chicken
  • Poulet Noir Free Range Chicken
  • Poulet De Bresse (available to order)
  • Banham Barn Reared Chicken
  • Poussin – tender and delicate baby chicken
  • Corn Fed Poussin – a perfect serving for one with great flavour
  • Guinea Fowl – a flavoursome bird, great alternative to chicken, worth a try.
  • Aylesbury Free Range Duck – an excellent product makes a great change.
  • Gressingham English Duck – full of flavour and succulent.
  • Free Range Geese from Judy Goodman – I think the best you can buy, a great product.
  • Free Range Bronze Turkey – reared by Bramble Farm, the best turkeys full of flavour and succulent for the most important meal.

Poultry Cuts

  • Breast Fillet
  • Supreme – breast with skin and wing bone
  • Leg – thigh and drumstick
  • Thigh
  • Drumstick
  • Wing
  • Other
  • Liver
  • Hearts
  • Diced Chicken – Leg or breast
  • Chicken Strips
  • Chicken Kebabs (see marinades)
  • Mince
  • Chicken Carcass – to make great stock

Game and More

  • Quails – with or without the bone, need more than one to fill you up.

Game Calendar

  • Pheasant 1st October - 1st February
  • Grouse 12th August - 10th December
  • Partridge 1st September - 1st February
  • Wood Pigeon Available all year round
  • Mallard 1st September - 31st January
  • Quail Available all year round
  • Woodcock 1st October - 31st January
  • Snipe 12th August - 31st January
  • Rabbit Available all year round
  • Hare Available all year round


  • Pheasant – most popular game bird
  • Partridge – ideal for one, worth a try
  • Grouse – strong in flavour for the game bird lover
  • Wood Pigeon – great value
  • Squab Pigeon – a wonderful bird, great taste and flavour
  • Mallard – ideal for two
  • Woodcock – single serving, a rare bird
  • Quail – need more than one if your’e hungry


  • Wild Rabbit – great flavour, ideal for stews and casseroles
  • Farmed Rabbit – wonderful product, very versatile and a great change
  • Hare – very rich and strong flavour for a real game lover


  • Our Venison comes from the Scottish Highlands and is carefully managed to create a special product full of flavour and is low in cholesterol.
  • Loin – this is cut from the saddle and it is the most tender with excellent flavour
  • Fillet – this is the loin without the bone
  • Haunch – great joint for roasting with or without the bone, can also be cut into steaks. Great joint for winter meals
  • Shoulder – this is probably bet for tasty casseroles and great stews
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We are now taking orders for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year... Orders can be placed by email, telephone and in store with the last day being Saturday 19th December. Don't forget we offer a free home delivery service...

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